Slate Factory


 With the increasing demand of photo slates in the market, BestSub has set their own coating factory for slates in Nov, 2017.

The factory covers an area of 2000m², and has two production lines which can enable a high productivity and daily output of 2000 pieces of slates. With the high efficiency, the slates can be supplied steadily, and the lead time is greatly shortened.

Because of slate’s nature, most of the suppliers cannot solve the defective rate on its surface, such as dirt, dots and cracks. The happy thing is that BestSub has the solution and ensures all the slates are worthy of your trust now. The slates we produce are sturdy, smooth and perfect for image transfer, and the stains and dusts are greatly reduced. What’s more, customizations of shapes and sizes are available.

After the stringent quality-control, the slate products are ready for you to order, to sell and to customize!