JSubli Apparel®

JSubli Apparel® exemplifies BestSub’s latest printing technology on textile items. The JSubli Apparel® collection covers polo shirts, round-neck T-shirts, family attires, tank tops, baby wear which are made of polyester, cotton and spandex.

The JSubli Apparel® items are highlighted as follows:

  • UV Protection

  • Permanent Wicking

  • Microb Resistant

  • Stain Resistant

  • Maximizing Absorbency

  • Reduced Static

  • Fast Drying

Printing requirement :

1. Personalized photo: above 300dpi;
2. Equipments needed: a computer, a printer and a flat press machine;
3. Accessories: sublimation paper: for polyester T-shirt, transfer paper (light color); for white T-shirt, transfer paper (dark color); for black T-shirt, sublimation ink, pigment ink.

Printing process:

1. Get a piece of sublimation paper ready for printing;
2. Design and adjust your photo which will be printed on the T-shirt;
3. Print the photo and make the T-shirt ready;
4. Lay the T-shirt on the flat press machine;
5. Lay the printed paper on the T-shirt;
6. Press the handle, and keep pressing for 6-10 seconds;
7. Lift the handle and move the printed paper away from the T-shirt;
8. A few minutes later, your special designed T-shirt is completed!


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